Sacred Space

Hello friends! Writing to you all from beautiful Brisbane, Australia! As you may know, my amazing wife, Susan is from Australia, and so visiting family comes with some great side perks! It's our cousin Amy's wedding day and with the ceremony only 7 hours away, there's a scurry of activity in the house. There are … Continue reading Sacred Space

7 Questions That Can Increase Your Awareness of God

St. Ignatius' "Examen" has been my daily prayer exercise for the past 9 months and has been a simple, yet life-changing approach to helping me notice the subtle movements and whispers of God in my life. Here is how I make the exercise: First, I take a few minutes to be still and quiet my … Continue reading 7 Questions That Can Increase Your Awareness of God

A Different Approach To Prayer

The sun beats down on my neck. It’s blisteringly hot. Droplets of sweat bead up on my forehead, roll to the tip of my nose, and down my back. I’d look for a tree or bush to crouch beside, just to get a reprieve from this heat, but there’s no way I can get through … Continue reading A Different Approach To Prayer