Hi there! My name is Phil. I live with my beautiful family in
sunny Brisbane, Australia. I’m a husband, father, thinker, writer, painter, and spiritual director.

As far back as I can remember, I have very much felt like I was pre-wired for Kingdom/ministry work. For one reason or another, it is just the filter that my brain and emotions process ideas, information, and experiences through. This “pre-wiring” has helped to inform my approach to seeking and noticing God’s gentle movements in both the mundane, and excitement of every day life. My own journey in faith has taken me through many church traditions- both the classical and contemporary, the liturgical and the ‘wow-factor’ highly-produced services. I’m deeply grateful for each twist and turn along the way. They have shaped and formed much of my identity in, and connectedness to, the family of Christ.

I’ve studied at and received my certification as a Spiritual Director while living in The States (Nashville, Tn) from the Sustainable Faith – School of Spiritual Direction in Cincinnati, OH.

I would love to hear about you and your story in (or out of) faith and share some time with you. If you’d like to connect, simply click the ‘Connect’ tab at the top of this site, fill out the basic info, and click ‘submit’.

Grace and peace to you,


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