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Hello friends!

Writing to you all from beautiful Brisbane, Australia! As you may know, my amazing wife, Susan is from Australia, and so visiting family comes with some great side perks! It’s our cousin Amy’s wedding day and with the ceremony only 7 hours away, there’s a scurry of activity in the house. There are currently 12 adults, 5 babies, a hairdresser, and makeup-artist running around in just over 1400 sq ft! To think I’d choose this time to write to you all about the contemplative life seems ironic at best, and insane at worst! At the same time, it’s almost the perfect moment to write, because for many of us, this is simply the busyness of daily life.

So, between the scurrying of bridesmaids and the fighting Magpies screeching outside, I’m looking to one of my favorite resources for a bit of solitude (and hopefully a little silence) amidst the noise. I thought I’d share with you friends as well in hopes that you find rest and sacred spaces in your journeys, despite the many distractions around you.

If you need help or inspiration during the exercise, there’s a “guide” button on each page of the prayer.

Much love,


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