7 Questions That Can Increase Your Awareness of God

St. Ignatius' "Examen" has been my daily prayer exercise for the past 9 months and has been a simple, yet life-changing approach to helping me notice the subtle movements and whispers of God in my life. Here is how I make the exercise: First, I take a few minutes to be still and quiet my … Continue reading 7 Questions That Can Increase Your Awareness of God

The Parable of the Two Gardeners

Two pieces of land were given over to two gardeners to tend to as they saw fit. When given, the properties were overgrown, having been left unattended for years. Each gardener took tremendous pride in their newly acquired plots and spent a great deal of time walking the grounds, meticulously planning exactly what they wanted … Continue reading The Parable of the Two Gardeners

A Different Approach To Prayer

The sun beats down on my neck. It’s blisteringly hot. Droplets of sweat bead up on my forehead, roll to the tip of my nose, and down my back. I’d look for a tree or bush to crouch beside, just to get a reprieve from this heat, but there’s no way I can get through … Continue reading A Different Approach To Prayer

Why Spiritual Direction?

“Can I get a little less baby crying in my monitor?” That’s my first thought almost every morning at Cox Hollow (my affectionate nick-name for our multi-family dwelling place just north of Nashville, TN). I'm awakened by the receiving end of our baby monitor pumping out the dulcet tones of our 1-year-old crying out for Dad (or Mom if I'm lucky) to come … Continue reading Why Spiritual Direction?