Take a moment. Look around. What do you see? What do you hear? Possibly a young family in the market shushing their newborn baby as she cries? An elderly couple on a park bench speaking softly, sitting hand-in-hand? How about the barista pouring the perfect rosetta in your latté (how do they do that!?) Breathe deep and take it all in. Now, try it again. Listen closer this time. Anything different? Maybe try with a different set of ears. Do you hear them? No? Our TV’s, tablets, and radios hear them: WAVES! They’re all around you! It’s amazing if you stop and think about it… every moment there are thousands of waves running through our homes, our places of work, our local coffee shops, our bodies! We might know they’re there, but without the right antenna to pick up the signal, we let them slip right past us without giving them so much as a thought.

I have found this is much like the work and world of Spiritual Direction. God is moving, directing, and speaking His waves into our work, our families, and throughout our entire lives. Unfortunately, like a WiFi signal to our ears, they can pass by undetected. As a Spiritual Director, I seek to create a contemplative space where those who come can stop, sit, reflect, and pray. Where together we listen, with antennae up, to tune into the waves of the Holy Spirit as He moves and speaks freedom and transformation into our lives.

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